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 We are committed to excellence and have  successfully represented injured people  since 1983. We provide the highest level of legal expertise winning many six, seven and eight figure recoveries for our clients. 

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The Caballero Law Firm specializes in obtaining significant financial compensation in accident claims. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best advice about  their claim. Many of our cases are referred by other attorneys. Whether you hire us directly or through counsel we will bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and effort to prosecuting your case.

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By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with experience prosecuting  difficult cases, Rick Caballero and his team provide proactive solutions to successfully resolve personal injury claims. They are involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex accident claim cases in Louisiana and the Gulf South.


The Caballero Law Firm has the knowledge, skills and experience to win Admiralty and Maritime cases in the Gulf and on the River. We are adept at proving deficient operating procedures and have recovered millions for people injured on vessels, barges and rigs. We would be honored if you trust us to represent you.



 We understand the complexity of truck cases. By working the whole case from investigation to experts and proper care for our injured clients The Caballero Law firm achieves large settlements and verdicts at trial. Rick has handled some of the most  difficult and complex trucking cases in Louisiana and is qualified to handle yours.


The Caballero law Firm has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, for accidents which occurred in Exxon, Dow, CF Industries and many of the other large plants in the area. When we are involved in your case, we resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Brain injury cases are some of the hardest to understand and prove. Often a person who is brain injured seems normal in many aspects. Those who love them focus on the normalcy and sometimes fail to get the injured person full care and compensation.   
Rick and his team have the knowledge, skills, and experience to not only prove liability but also causation of mild, moderate and severe brain injury. 
We are proud of the many multi million dollar recoveries we have obtained for our clients and would be honored to assist you in your case or that of your loved one.


Burn injuries are among the most painful any human being can endure. They require highly skilled, specialized and expensive treatment. Consequently those responsible for causing said injury look for ways to blame the victim and other technical ways to avoid responsibility. 
 Rick has handled cases resulting in six, seven and eight figure recoveries for burns caused by vehicle accidents, hot water heater explosions, motel fires, workplace burns, industrial explosions and fires. 
No matter how complex your case or how large and well funded the defendants, we are able to fight for and obtain fair compensation for you.



The Caballero Law Firm has 35 years of experience helping clients with paraplegia and quadriplegia injuries including those caused by vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, work place injury, plant accidents, trip and fall injury and police negligence. We have recovered many multi million dollar verdicts and settlements and will work hard to obtain one for you. 


Are you or a loved one the victim of Medical Malpractice causing serious injury or death?
The Caballero Law Firm has the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to help. We have recovered large verdicts and settlements against numerous health care providers.  
Not all bad medical outcomes are the result of negligence. We are skilled at helping you to determine whether or not there was a violation of the standard of care and to obtain maximum recovery if there was. 



Rick Caballero has handled multiple claims of serious injury including paralysis caused by wrongful police actions and negligent shooting of our clients. If you have suffered a serious injury because of the negligence of a police officer or sheriffs deputy please contact us. We are willing and able to help you. 


 If you were injured by a defective road The Caballero Law Firm is here to help. We have successfully  prosecuted cases against local governments and the State of Louisiana recovering millions of dollars including the largest settlement against the Parish of East Baton Rouge. Please contact us to discuss your case. 



The Caballero Law Firm has the legal knowledge, skill and experience to help you with your Personal Injury claim. We are aggressive and work tirelessly to help our clients obtain maximum compensation.


We give every client and every case the same attention and respect we give to our most grievously injured clients. We would be honored to represent you and will always let you know your case is important.   


If you are injured please get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation. We will listen with respect and give you straightforward answers to your questions. If you hire us we will work hard to win your case. 

I was paralyzed when an 18 wheeler ran into the back of the van I was a passenger in. Unfortunately the truck continued after striking us and ran into another car killing two people. When we learned the trucker only had a million dollars in coverage the attorney I originally hired introduced me to Mr Caballero. He hired a team of investigators and engineers to investigate every aspect of the accident. He was able to prove the brakes on the trailer the trucker was pulling were defective and bring in additional insurance. He was also able to prove the seat in the van was defective. 
Mr Caballero actually purchased a similar van and and filmed it being crushed to prove the calculations of our engineers was correct. A month before trial the defendants settled for millions of dollars. Now I have the money to pay for the help I need. Im very happy I met Rick and his team. 

Rick helped me when I was injured in an accident aboard a jackup rig off the coast of Brazil. My employer paid me my full salary for a year since I was seriously injured and had two back surgeries. When they cut me off the first attorney I spoke with said my rights had expired. Rick explained that I was a Jones act seaman and had a longer time to file suit. He took on my former company and proved the rig was defective. A week before trial the company finally settled. I was very impressed with how thorough Rick was in working on my case. He thought of every detail. Im convinced the company settled for more than anyone thought  they would because they knew we were well prepared and ready for trial. 

I was injured in an auto accident at a traffic circle in Tangipahoa Parish. Since there was very little damage to my vehicle no one took my case seriously until Rick became involved. I was referred to him by a doctor he represented in the past and Im so grateful for the referral and for Rick. 
He  proved  my injury was a result of the accident and obtained the one million dollar policy of the man that ran into me.

I was burned over 58 Percent of my body with 3rd degree burns when an industrial paint booth I was using to coat oil field pipe exploded. Other lawyers told me all I had was a worker’s compensation claim. Mr Caballero investigated my claim fully and was able to get me millions against the plant and the manufacturer of the booth for their fault in my injury. 

18 Wheeler Accident 
I was traumatized when a big truck smashed into our pickup killing my co worker and injuring my knee. After the accident I made a quick physical recovery and was able to return to work. I suffered horrible flashbacks and nightmares of the accident and of seeing my co worker burn to death. Rick took my claim seriously and obtained over nine hundred thousand dollars for me. 

Auto Accident 
I was injured when a ride share driver slammed on his brakes and caused an injury to my back. The service denied my claim saying there was no collision. Rick helped me get the medical care I needed and settled my case for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

I was injured when a bouncer wrongly threw me on the ground. My injury was made worse when I was ignored by the police. Mr Caballero fought for me and obtained millions of dollars at trial of my case. 
Plant Explosion- Burn Injury 
I was injured when a plant exploded in the Baton Rouge area. I was burned over fifty per cent of my body. Mr Caballero sued in Texas for me and obtained a settlement of well over ten million dollars. 

Burn Case
I was burned over fifty percent of my body in a fire in New Orleans. Everyone said it was my fault. Rick fought hard for me and settled my case for over five million dollars. 

Medical Malpractice 
My wife died as a result of negligence by a doctor in Hammond Louisiana. After a medical review panel cleared the doctor Mr Caballero did not give up. He took our case to trial and win a 2.46 million dollar jury verdict. My daughters and I will always be grateful to him. 

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